3Letter Consulting Corporation (3LCC), is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. We deliver risk mitigation strategies and an actionable incident response solutions to combat the growing cyber threats and attacks to our government and private industry. We marshal the right people, skills, and technologies to succor and galvanize an organization’s resilience when a cyberattack occurs. Our services focus on integrated rapid solutions, tailored toward your organization to be preemptive in cyberwarfare. We help you stay ahead of cybercriminals through awareness, training and prevention to keep your customers data protected

We diminish the influence of a cyberattacks on business operational, reputational and litigation risks, by concentrating on operation readiness, system availability, data integrity and infrastructure safeguards. We accomplish this goal through facilitating the appropriate levels of security and risk awareness.

3Letter Consulting Corporation provides information technology services: Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Programmatic Support Services, Software Development Life Cycle Management, Verification & Validation (End-to-End) testing, and Systems Deployment & Maintenance.

We pursue the following types of contracts: Information Security, Information Technology, Software Development, Programmatic Supports Services, and Logistics.

Our team consecutively acquired four separate Approval To Operate (ATO) accreditations, over a 10 year period for two separate organizations to operate on the Department of Defense (DoD) Military Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) un-interrupted. Our technical and functional experiences in managing information security for large complex enterprise systems includes Operations & Maintenance (O&M), which optimizes system performances and incident response strategies to protect physical infrastructure (s), including access to system enclaves. We provide hands-on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) management using the Agile Manifesto and principles

We donate to the wound warriors program and the American Red Cross.

Core Competencies

  1. Program Management- Oversees the operational planning, fiscal, operational, administrative, establishment, execution, and evaluation of a multifaceted program and human resources management of the program.
  2. Help Desk Services - calls answered by skilled technical support engineers to track software/hardware problems, trouble tickets, changes, and assets.
  3. Physical Security- Ensures that the  Infrastructure that supports an organization's information system is protected.
  4. Cybersecurity Assessment and Training- learning practical skills to perform regular risk assessments for their organizations.
  5. Strategic Risk Planning- Mitigating risks that affect a company's objectives, and execution.
  6. Incident Response Training and Execution- is creating a plan and assisting an organization on how to be resilient and  "bounce back" from a cyber attack., 
  7. Verification & Validation Service- a process that verifies that your security infrastructure is in place and available. Validation is to perform penetration testing to ensure access control is effective.   
  8. IT Consulting- is identifying related technical problems with your computer, network, and server.
  9. Support Services- is a range of services that include: Configuration Change management, Quality Assurance, Information Assurance policy implementation, Managing networks, and managing system servers. 

3Letter Consulting Corporation is committed to value-driven outcomes for our clients, adaptive planning, innovative and flexible solutions. We focus on real-time business value aimed to delivery iterative, incremental and evolutionary competences, that heightens the urgency and implementation of your organizations norms toward cybersecurity awareness and prevention.


Our team offers business owners the opportunity to partner with us, subsequently, to educate them on investing in cybersecurity practices, as well as, be familiar with how cybercriminals could potentially affect their organization’s bottom-line. We stand ready to help create a cybersecurity culture and landscape for an organization. We provide step-by-step, hands-on awareness and training to the workforce on how to recognize cyberthreats and what to do when system irregularities are obvious. We provide sustainment awareness training on a continuous basis to keep employees, and new hires oriented, to the latest known viruses and their global impacts.

We work with business owners, senior management, line supervisors and designated employees, to tailor an out-of-the-box Incident Response Plan tailored specifically for their organization. We train the response team on roles and responsibilities, and influence their sense of “resilience” in the face of a cyberattack. Our team will implement a cybersecurity learning continuum that includes: training needs assessment, cybersecurity awareness, training and prevention, cyber security basics, and role-based training for the cyber response team members.

For an organization to succeed in today’s society it is imperative that it has an active and effective Incident Response Plan, Strategic Risks Initiatives along with “must have” support and sponsorship from business owners. We solicit owners involvement and commitment in creating the proper cyber landscape as well as establish a continuing education system that focuses on cybersecurity awareness, training, and prevention to the entire workforce.

Our approach quantifying and requalifying the workforce on a continuous basis will ultimately provide a return on mitigation (ROM), by comparing the cost of mitigation investments with the monetary impact of compromise to each information asset. We stay alert and focused on the types of organizations (government and private) that are attacked globally by continuously updating our education model to offer the latest in awareness, training and prevention.