Past Performance


IT Support Services: ECMS Operation And Maintenance. The contract provided needed personnel and expertise for the ECMS system to support Army electronic publishing and to enable the automation of forms based business processes in support of OAA's Army-wide mission to provide Soldiers, Civilians, and Contractors, timely and quality publications and forms to support administrative, training, doctrine, technical, and equipment requirements.

  • Contract ID: W91QUZ11D0006 ZW03
  • Start Date: 09/02/2015
  • End Date: 10/31/2017
  • Value: $14,404,734
  • Contact: Robert Radtke
  • Contact Phone: 256-929-2381 | 256-895-743


The Contractor was exceptionally supportive of the ECMS decommissioning efforts by providing a thorough list of requirements and activities to properly sunset the system. The Contractor's personnel remained readily available to provide onsite support for all decommissioning activities that included: performing final full system backup, packing and shipping of storage media for dat retention, removal of all hardware from the DISA DECC Columbus, OH, inventory of all hardware and support for the property turn in, and delivery of the final source code. The AHS Executive Director, Mr. Reheuser, is very appreciative of these efforts that permit the agency's compliance with all DoD and Army policies related to systems disposal.

Joesph Shaw, Government Program Manager IT Department

Management: The Contractor was able to perform all task in the contract by ensuring key personnel were on staff in vital positions. The Project Manager kept the government informed on the status of the system and contract personnel supporting the task. The Contractor demonstrated good faith when required to employ third party vendor support to resolve system performance.

BoB Radtke, IT Project Manager IT/Contracting Officer Representative (COR)